7 Natural Headache Painkillers


Beyond making sure that you are properly hydrated, rest is another important element of headache care. Yes, life is busy, but headaches are often a sign that you need to slow down a bit, look away from your screen, and just breathe. Using homeopathic techniques like the 7 described here is a great way to nurture the mind-body connection that so deeply influences our experience of pain.

Any of the natural remedies on our list are worth a try, unless they happen to be contraindicated by a pre-existing condition or medication regimen. Take your time as you experiment with them so you can develop varying strategies for dealing with different kinds of headaches.

Remember that effectively treating a headache is a two-fold process – relieving the pain and addressing the underlying trigger. There are hundreds of causes for headaches, and those that come from allergies may respond better to a different remedy than those that are triggered by dehydration or stress. All are more safely treated with natural pain relievers first, so as to avoid over-reliance on OTC meds.

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