13 Worst Foods For Arthritis

If you suffer from arthritis, you know that avoiding inflammation is job one. Chronic inflammation is the hallmark of arthritis, and it causes incredible pain.

Along with advice and possibly medication from your doctor, a careful diet can also make a huge difference in reducing your suffering. Certain foods will inflame your joints in no time flat, so we’ve collected a list of the 13 worst foods for arthritis sufferers.

If you are able to stay away from these foods/substances, you should notice a marked improvement in your pain levels. That in turn can help you get out and about more, build strength, and just be happier.

You might not be thrilled by cutting out everything on this list, but once you experience relief from the agony, and less reliance on drugs that have their own aggravating side effects, we bet you’ll decide it’s worth it to continue.

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