4 Small Pets that are Big on Love

You can still share your life with a pet even if you don’t have the space or the lifestyle for something large enough to need free reign of your home. Lots of small animals, i.e., pocket pets, are actually very social and interactive. Others are less able to be handled but super interesting to observe.

From every kid’s first pet – the hamster – to more exotic creatures like hedgehogs, there are several great choices in small pets that can bring enjoyment to your life in a big way.

1. Hamsters

Hamsters make great starter pets for several reasons. They are cute and easily handled, don’t need a ton of space, and eat mostly pellets. You will love watching your hamster stuff his cheeks with bedding to build a nest, run on his wheel, and wash his little whiskers with his paws.

It can be endlessly entertaining to let your hammy run about the place in a hamster ball, and they also love to explore cereal boxes, paper towel tubes, and shoes that you leave out for them.

But because they are so small, hamsters are easily injured and will nip at young fingers that are too rough. Hamsters are also subject to several common illnesses with a small window for successful treatment, and live only 2-3 years in the best of circumstances.
Hamsters are solitary as adults and should be kept alone.

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