5 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Eat with Arthritis

2. Garlic & Ginger

While neither of these flavorful ingredients is a meal in itself, they have both been used in holistic medicine for centuries. Garlic contains a compound called allicin that gives it the distinctive pungent taste and smell. Allicin has been found to reduce inflammation significantly, as well as impart antioxidant protection. Early research suggests that garlic may also improve the ability of immune cells to strengthen the immune system and decrease certain inflammatory markers associated with arthritis.

Ginger has a similar effect in the body as garlic, though its primary active compound is called gingerol. However, ginger has over 200 individual elements that all seem to work together to reduce inflammation and bind with damaging free radicals. Ginger can be taken in many ways, including as a tea or in meals both savory and sweet. It seems to be as effective whether you use it fresh, powdered, or dried.

Like fish oil, people who don’t enjoy the flavor of ginger and garlic can still benefit by taking a supplement.

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