5 Cancun Vacation Tips That Will Surprise You

2. Scoring Great Hotel Deals

The trick to landing a great hotel deal is to do your research. First, decide what type of accommodation you want – Cancun has a huge range of lodging options, from five-star resorts to inexpensive motels and backpacker hostels. Most people stay somewhere within the Hotel Zone, a tourist attraction in itself that encompasses a 15 mile strip of beachfront that is shaped like a 7.

But don’t necessarily avoid looking at a higher end hotel even if you are on a budget. Many resorts offer valuable incentives, such as all-inclusive dining and amenity packages, discounts on attractions, and free accommodation for kids.

A great place to start is the website for Cancun.Travel, which allows you to plug in your travel dates and other preferences before showing you a range of lodging options. It’s worth it to then cross-check the prices shown with other booking sites, just to make sure you are getting the best deal.

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