7 Herbs to Fight Joint and Knee Pain

2. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is used in many topical treatments for pain because it is a natural analgesic. Eucalyptus leaves contain tannin, which reduces swelling and relieves pain related to inflammation. This is one herb we don’t suggest that you eat because the fresh leaves are toxic if consumed by humans. Eucalyptus oil, however, is great for rubbing on painful joints.

In fact, eucalyptus might help even if you simply smell it. The strong menthol odor is unmistakable, and studies have shown that simply sniffing the stuff can bring relief. If you’ve never applied eucalyptus before, test a small amount on your forearm before using it all over. Any rash or hives indicate an allergic reaction.

If you do want to try consuming eucalyptus, the only safe way is to get specially dried leaves and make them into tea.

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