7 Worst Foods for Back Pain

Your back is part of your core and therefore plays a part in basically every movement you make. So when your back hurts, it compromises your daily activity in a significant way. Chronic pain can have all kinds of mental effects and well as physical ones, leading to depression or anxiety on top of the agony. When the pain is present all the time, you might feel that anything that will reduce the suffering is worth it, no matter the side effects.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to ease your pain and improve your mental wellbeing that have only positive side effects. These involve avoiding certain food triggers that can spark inflammation. Though inflammation is a natural element of your immune system, when the inciting issue is chronic, inflammation outstays its welcome and causes more harm than good.

Avoiding foods that support inflammation keep you in the driver’s seat of your own body and can go a long way toward reducing your pain levels. Following are the 7 worst foods (and types of food) for back pain. Some of these could be difficult to avoid, especially #3, but remember that your reward is less suffering!

1. Added Sugars

You have probably heard a fair amount about sugar in recent years. After the 1980s, when sugar producers funded a host of studies attempting to pin the blame for chronic ill health on fat, the real story about sugar began to emerge. It is the white stuff that is more directly linked to poor health outcomes, including obesity, diabetes, cancer, and yes – chronic inflammation.

Sugar causes inflammation because when it interacts with proteins and fats in the body, advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are produced in high numbers. AGEs are known to cause inflammation and accelerate aging, the effects of which can be both seen and felt. It is best to rely on whole fruit for a hit of sweetness when you need it, and cut out as much added sugar (found in sodas, energy drinks, baked goods, processed food, and candy) as you possibly can.

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