9 Best Herbs To Clean Your Kidneys

Our kidneys are probably best recognized for filtering blood and producing liquid waste in the form of urine. Cleansing is their job, and they tackle pretty much everything we put in our bodies to pull out the bad stuff. That process is one of the most important contributors to health. But how do kidneys themselves stay healthy?

Overtaxed kidneys are prone to diseases like renal failure or kidney cancer, and no one wants that! Since cleansing is their prime directive, kidneys don’t necessarily need a specific “detox” protocol. But they are grateful for a little help in doing their job. Eating lots of certain herbs and drinking enough water are the easiest and most effective ways to keep your kidneys happy.

Following are 9 herbs that healthy kidneys love, but note that they are not recommended for people who already have kidney disease. That’s because they may interfere with common kidney medications. But if you’re generally healthy and want to keep it that way, go ahead and add one or more of these tasty herbs to your diet on a daily basis.

We bet you never thought of eating #9, but you should!

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