5 Dangers of High Indoor Temperatures That Might Affect Your Health

There’s no question that extreme heat during the summer months is uncomfortable. But did you know that it actually kills more Americans every year than any other type of weather? People who don’t have access to air conditioned indoor spaces face considerable health risks when it comes to heat.

This summer, stay safe by being aware of the signs of the following heat-related hazards. If your home isn’t cooled, you can start working now on strategies to keep yourself and your family comfortable.

1. Sleep disturbance

It makes sense that uncomfortably hot temperatures would interrupt sleep. In fact, the ideal temperature range for most people to enjoy restorative sleep is small, from about 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures higher or lower than that can significantly impact sleep quality.

The result of poor sleep is a marked decrease in the efficient operation of your body. Missing slumber also causes an increase in production of a hormone called ghrelin, which is linked to appetite. Therefore, consistently poor sleep is also associated with weight gain.

Some studies have also found a link between chronic lack of sleep and high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, depression, lower quality of life, and even premature death.

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