4 Fascinating Exotic Pets to Consider

2. Tenrecs

Tenrecs look similar to hedgehogs with a back full of short quills, but the two are actually not related. Tenrecs have longer snouts and are more closely related to elephants! Despite this relationship, they are tiny at an average of 5.5-7 inches long and 4-7 ounces in weight.

Your tenrec will feed primarily on insects that should be given live.

These critters are accomplished escape artists and require a cage with close bar spacing. Don’t worry about a cagemate for your tenrec as they are mostly solitary animals. But, if you’d like more than one, females typically do well together. A mixed pair can also be okay, but keeping two males in the same territory is not recommended.

Tenrec Fast Facts

Lifespan – Up to 13 years in human care

Diet – A variety of worms

Sleep pattern – Mostly nocturnal, but also experience a season of extreme sleepiness called torpor

Warnings – Keeping as pets is relatively new; permit may be required and vet care challenging

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