6 Excellent Foods for Healthy Teeth

You know that proper dental care – including daily brushing and flossing, plus twice-yearly trips to the dentist – is vital for maintaining the health of your teeth. But did you know that your diet also plays a big part?

There are certain foods that can help keep those pearly whites strong and healthy throughout your life, and they may not be what you think. Turns out, some of your favorite indulgences may actually be helping to keep your mouth clean and fresh.

1. Cheese

Cheese is not the diet-killing food it is made out to be, though moderation is still important. But if anyone gives you flak for enjoying it, tell them that you are taking care of your teeth. The American Academy of General Dentistry agrees that eating cheese alters the pH of your mouth in a way that protects against tooth decay!

As a bonus, cheese is high in protein and calcium, both nutrients that are known to strengthen tooth enamel. Plus, any food that gets the saliva flowing helps to wash away the bacteria that might otherwise contribute to plaque.

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