Prepackaged Salad Mixes: Are They Really Safe?

The best way to eat salad

So, is it better to buy whole lettuce or bagged? In the end, it doesn’t matter much as long as it is food you will actually eat. The greater question is what kind of chef you are. If taking some extra time to wash and chop greens doesn’t bother you, go for it. You can build a huge variety of salads with fresh ingredients chosen according to your craving of the day.

However, if you find yourself buying whole heads of lettuce that end up wilting and spoiling in your refrigerator, buy the bagged. The benefit of eating lots of leafy greens (and the vegetables and fruits that complement them) far outweighs any risk of disease transmission.

And of course, fresher is always better. Be sure to eat both bagged salads and whole lettuce within a few days of bringing them home. The taste and the nutritional profile will be superior. Avoid lettuce that has become wilted, bruised, or slimy.

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