The Peaks & Pitfalls of Raising Rodents

The name “rodent” brings to mind filthy scavenging creatures, but some of the most popular pets the world over are rodents. Even rats and mice, which are hazardous pests in the wild, can make wonderful pets. Other popular rodent pets include guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, and the more exotic degus.

These cute furry friends can bring a lot of joy into your life, but there are some downfalls to owning them. We’ll go through the peaks and the pitfalls of pet care, from the feeding to the cleaning, when you share your life with rodents.


Rodents are easy to tame and generally quite friendly with humans as long as they are treated gently. That makes them great pets. If you are looking for intelligent animals that crave your attention, choose rats or degus.

Guinea pigs are really chill and will let you cuddle them or just sit on your lap, but are way more motivated by food than love. Hamsters, gerbils, and mice are fun to hold, but also quite small and flighty, so they get away from you quickly.

Just as important as how your rodent gets along with you, is how they get along with others of their kind. Most pet rodents prefer to live with a friend or two and can actually get depressed if kept alone. Hamsters are a notable exception – they are solitary creatures and should be kept singly.

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