The Peaks & Pitfalls of Raising Rodents


If you are interested in breeding rodents, the good news is that it is not challenging to accomplish. Plenty of rodent owners let it happen accidentally. Rodents come into sexual maturity at a young age, most within the period of one to two months of life.

The flip side of that is that the overall window for breeding is small. Guinea pigs shouldn’t be bred after they are 10 months old, though female rats can breed for most of their relatively short lives, up to about 15 months.

If you plan to breed your rodents, be sure to do careful research on their unique needs. New rodent mamas can be touchy and you don’t want to handle the babies before it is safe to do so. Some rodents have been known to eat their young if they get stressed out.

While that prospect can be alarming, it underscores the fact that the most important job you’ll have is making sure your pets are comfortable and then leaving them alone.

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