5 Antioxidant Root Vegetables You Should Know About

5. Fennel

Fennel is a root vegetable that’s closely related to carrot. However, its flavor is quite distinct, leaning toward licorice. The reason for the unique taste is a compound called anethole, which imparts both the flavor and a host of health benefits.

Eat fennel to get your vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, and potassium plus a good amount of fiber. And not only does fennel have plenty of antioxidants, it also has antimicrobial properties that can inhibit bacterial growth. Certain studies have linked fennel to a reduction in blood sugar as well.

Fun fact: Did you know that ancient Greek societies considered fennel a godly food that imparts godly wisdom through its stalks? Whether or not you’ll gain wisdom, you can eat the flowers, leaves, seeds, and bulbs of the fennel plant.

These are just a few of the many root vegetables available to boost your antioxidant intake. Other great choices include turnips, carrots, white potatoes, and rutabagas. And for each root vegetable, rest assured that there was an ancient society that revered it. In a way, today’s widespread use of root vegetables is thanks to those ancestors who wrote about and honored these foods through their art.

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