5 Dangerous Causes of Unexplained Weight Loss

3. Endocarditis

Endocarditis is a serious inflammation of the lining around your heart, the endocardium. It occurs when bacteria enters the bloodstream and eventually collects in the heart. Unexplained weight loss occurs in endocarditis patients as a result of two other common symptoms: fever and poor appetite.

Having an elevated body temperature over a long period time can increase metabolism and cause your body to burn fat. Poor appetite is generally related to feelings of discomfort that accompany the condition.

Other symptoms of endocarditis include coughing, pain in the abdomen, chest, or back, headache, difficulty breathing, night sweats, and red or purple spots on the skin.

Note that endocarditis is rare in a heart that’s healthy. People with pre-existing condition have more cause for concern, including folks with congenital heart defects, artificial heart valves, or damaged heart valves. Treatment can be done with antibiotics, but surgery may also become necessary.

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