Affordable Ways to Upscale Your Life

Upscaling Your Diet

Besides housing, food is one of the biggest line items in most families’ budget. The wealthiest among us enjoy many fancy meals prepared in four star restaurants or by personal chefs at home. The rest of us often make do with a few standard dishes thrown together at home or a quick trip for fast food when time is short.

But there are ways to upscale your diet without breaking the bank. Consider joining a co-op program run by local farms for fresh organic produce. Your dollars will skip the middle man and go right into the pockets of family farms. If you have the freezer space, this is also a great way to buy meat. You can get a quarter, half, or full grass-fed cow for much less per pound than at the store, and this includes some top tier cuts.

Another way to upscale your diet affordably is to get creative with recipes. Try dishes that are based on low-cost pantry staples, like rice or potatoes, but elevate them with a small amount of some fancy treat, like lobster, caviar, kobe beef, or fancy cheese.

Sometimes just garnishing your dishes and paying attention to plating can make the dining experience feel much more upscale.

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