Affordable Ways to Upscale Your Life

Upscaling Your Wardrobe

Clothes are expensive, especially good ones that can last you for years. But fashion being what it is, sometimes you don’t need your clothes to last forever. If you are going to compromise on anything, make it the trendiest elements of your wardrobe. Pay more for basic pieces that will never go out of style.

You can get extended life out of an item of clothing by dyeing it – for example, that white T-shirt with pit stains can go another few years if it is dyed a darker color. You can also get creative with any of a thousand methods of tie-dye. Some are quite elegant and do not resemble the stoner concert T-shirts of your youth.

Consider making a deal with a friend of similar size to trade clothes a couple of times a year. Thrift store shopping can also yield surprising finds that refresh a wardrobe.

Accessories are another way to upscale your wardrobe without a huge investment. Honestly, pricey fine jewelry is not a great investment anyway, as you will rarely be able to sell it for what you paid. But dig out some of that heirloom jewelry you have inherited over the years, clean it up, and start wearing it. You can also break down less expensive jewelry and combine the elements to build brand new pieces.

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